Individual Therapy


As an experienced Relate Practitioner and Counselling trainer in education, I have a working knowledge and understanding of how debilitating doubt, lack of self-esteem and procrastination can prevent one from achieving their fullest potential. A lot of these aspects are established in our early years of development and due to our re-affirming of negative scripts such as for example: ‘I can’t do this’; ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’ll never be that kind of person..’ we continue to keep ourselves from seeing who we may truly become.

Unfortunately, these negative ways of thinking and behaving are also replicated in our current relationships. We may either expect people to treat us badly because we were treated badly in childhood. Or perhaps, we say to ourselves ‘I deserve to be treated better’ but have no understanding or ability of how to elicit that behaviour from the person we are in a relationship with. Either way, the likely-hood is that we will undoubtedly repeat some damaging portions of the cycle we observed or experienced from our parents or carers.

I enable people to see their issues, problems, and dilemmas from a variety of perspectives and provide specific communication skills and collaborative ideas to perturb their habitual ways of thinking and relating with their partner and/or family members, to make more autonomous decisions that are less life-limiting and/or dysfunctional.